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This blog post was published under the 2015 to 2017 Conservative government

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  1. Comment by luciagraves posted on

    We originally posted some examples of a logo from a PDF which distorted when put on wordpress. The new examples should now look as they are supposed to!

  2. Comment by John Bridge posted on

    On the 3rd of November at 15:10 a canvasser on behalf of Air Ambulance called at our house at .I returned home to find him attempting to sign my wife up to the charity.When I said that we would not go ahead he became verbally abusive saying that he did not like the way I looked at him and made other such comments.
    I reported the matter to Air Ambulance and was told that they farm the work out to an agency and have no control over who the agency appoints, they did however agree to investigate the matter.
    I was particularly concerned about vulnerable adults who could fall prey to such aggressive sales approaches.
    I have left a message with Age Concern, but you may wish to pursue this matter with local and national papers since this sales approach does not reflect the worthy aims of Air Ambulance.